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Cincy ‘Segways’ cops to scooters

Terry Kinney The Associated Press CINCINNATI — Police officers stand tall and glide easily around a west side neighborhood on new standup scooters that are their newest form of transportation as part of the city’s effort to increase community policing. Officers on Segway Personal Transporters can be highly visible if they want to be, but Read More…

Suspect nabbed by tracking stolen cell

HAMILTON — A robbery suspect police had been pursuing for three months was caught after prosecutors said he inadvertently stole a cell phone equipped with GPS technology. Police used the technology to pinpoint the residence of John Wesley Womack, 34, of Middletown, who was indicted July 11 on 10 counts of robbery. He is scheduled Read More…

Plane repair firms rally vs. state tax

DAYTON — Small aircraft owners and operators say they fly their planes to nearby states for repairs to avoid an Ohio sales tax on parts and labor. Company owners vow to continue lobbying the Ohio Legislature to repeal the tax, which they say forces them to cut jobs. They were unsuccessful in pushing for the Read More…