February 9, 2016


Friend who missed fateful trip mourns

AVON LAKE — It was only a matter of minutes.
But that’s all it took for Anthony Jordan to miss taking a tragic dip in Lake Erie with two friends. The body of one of his friends was found Friday; the second still is missing, and the search for him was to resume this morning.
Jordan, 20, of Elyria, was with a friend in Elyria when he received a text message on his cell phone from Brandon Glass to join him, Daniel Smith and their two girlfriends at Miller Road Park.
He had grown up down the street from Smith and had become good friends with Glass while in school together in Elyria.
“We thought we’d go out to the beach and toss a football around,” he said. “But it didn’t end up that way.”
But Jordan and his friend were running 20 minutes late when another friend called frantically to tell them Smith and Glass were missing. When they arrived at Miller Road Park shortly after 9 p.m., the sight of an Avon Lake fire truck and Smith’s girlfriend, Corie Hughes, crying on the pier, confirmed the thought he dreaded.
“The waves and the wind were really strong,” he said. “Corie said they went under and that they couldn’t find them. There was nothing we could do.”
The shoreline soon filled with members of the U.S. Coast Guard’s search and rescue team, and a helicopter and boat was brought in to aid the search.
Jordan spent most of Friday in shock, he said.
He said Smith loved spending time with his girlfriend and enjoyed tinkering around with his car, while Glass was a laid-back guy who enjoyed listening to Bob Marley, hanging out with friends and playing basketball.
On the online personnel networking site MySpace.com, small messages in memoriam of Smith and Glass began popping up throughout the day Friday.
 “They were both great guys, fun-loving and loyal to their friends,” Jordan said.
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