June 25, 2016


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Soaking, sweltering

Heavy heat follows heavy rain in county, across state An isolated thunderstorm that hovered over the county Tuesday morning dumped almost 4 inches of rain in some spots, soaked basements, flooded roadways and turned parked cars into flotation devices. The owner and patrons of the Three Star Restaurant look out on a flooded East 28th Read More…

Browns Lowdown: A quick look at Tuesday’s training camp

TODAY PRACTICE: Closed to public THE LOWDOWN WHAT HAPPENED: The practice was closed to the public after morning thunderstorms, and the drops followed the team inside. Tight ends Darnell Dinkins and Buck Ortega and receivers Braylon Edwards and Travis Wilson dropped passes, and quarterback Charlie Frye dropped a snap. WHAT’S NEXT: The Browns will practice Read More…

Dan Coughlin: Will Quinn be worth the wait … and the money?

  Now that he’s signed and in camp, let’s lay off Brady Quinn. I guess he squeezed the last dollar out of the Browns. Hooray for him. That’s to be expected. Nobody plays pro football as a hobby. What a great first job out of college this is. The first-round draft picks are paid millions. Read More…