May 29, 2016


Lorain to talk trash again

LORAIN –Council plans to meet tonight to reconsider approving the controversial “pay as you throw” program it effectively vetoed for the entire county Monday.

But whether the meeting will make any difference remains to be seen.

In order to even reconsider the issue, nine Council members must be present for the meeting. Of those nine, eight must vote to reverse Monday`s decision, Lorain Law Director Mark Provenza said.

Of Council`s 11 members, Phil Betleski, D-2nd Ward and Mickey Silecky, D-7th Ward, will not be able to attend.

Councilmen Bret Schuster, D-4th Ward and Eddie Edwards, D-5th Ward, were absent from Monday`s meeting and said that while they have prior engagements, they will try their best to attend. The other Council members said they will be there.

If the plan isn`t approved by Lorain and the commissioners by midnight the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will come in and do it for the county.

That would not be a good thing, said Solid Waste Policy Committee member Brian Parsons. The EPA has historically based its grant allocations on performance and most Lorain County communities don`t have a high recycling rate, Parsons said.

“All of a sudden, everybody`s grant money goes down the toilet,” he said.

Supporters of “pay as you throw” praised Council`s decision to reconsider, even as they questioned whether Council understood what they were voting on.

“It`s a bad move on Lorain`s part and they`re going to screw the rest of the county,” county Solid Waster Management District Director Dan Billman said.

“I keep hearing that there`re a lot of things that are good for the county and good for Allied Waste, but I still haven`t heard what`s in it for our citizens,” Councilman Craig Snodgrass, D-8th Ward, said.