May 3, 2016


‘Weird substance’ found in egg nog, couple says

ELYRIA – An Elyria couple who purchased a quart of egg nog from a Lorain supermarket the day before Thanksgiving said they recently discovered a “fleshy” substance inside the container when it was about half empty.

Anne Beard, 45, and Thomas Wilson, 57, said they drank about half the quart on Thanksgiving Day.

Anne Beard and the substance she says was in her eggnog.

The container sat in their fridge until Sunday, when Beard started to pour a glass and noticed it had something in it.

Inside the container was a reddish ooze, and a clump of what appeared to be a meaty substance, like raw bacon or ham.

The couple contacted the Michigan company that packaged and pasteurized the egg nog, and a company representative said someone would visit their apartment on Monday to examine the package and its contents.

“The egg nog didn`t taste right,” Beard said. “I shook it up because I thought it needed shook to make it more creamy, but this was in it. It was fleshy and didn`t look right. I knew it wasn`t supposed to be in the egg nog.”

Representatives from the company didn`t return calls seeking comment.

“When people hear this, they automatically think that someone put something in the (container),” Wilson said. “But besides all this, our Thanksgiving dinner turned out great.”