May 24, 2016


‘Guitar Hero’ superstardom eludes C-T staffer

ELYRIA – For those about to rock, I salute you.As a fan and owner of “Guitar Hero III” – the popular video game that employs a guitar-shaped joystick and challenges gamers by firing color-coded notes at them that they have to repeat – I just couldn`t resist the opportunity to showcase my chops.

Among my friends, I`m somewhat of a prodigy. I don`t have a lot of experience, yet I generally can top their high scores.

But in the limelight of a tournament Friday at Lorain County Community College, that wasn`t the case.

Plain and simple, I got schooled.

Stephen Szucs tries his hand at “Guitar Hero III” at Lorain County Community College.

Students almost a decade younger than me laughed as the notes clinked and the song “Love Struck Baby” by Stevie Ray Vaughn creaked to a halt.

I tried to fall back on explanations that sounded a lot like excuses.

“My hands are cold,” I said feebly. “This guitar must not be working right.”

Trust me, no one was convinced.

Rock star status aside, it was still a fun event, and one couldn`t help but enjoy the “on-stage” jitters of everyone watching and listening to your every guitar move.

“Don`t worry,” organizer Joe Yagielo said. “You can still be a guitar hero. You just have to press start.”