June 29, 2016


The family of Carol Lutz said justice served

LUCASVILLE – After 18 years of waiting, Carol Lutz’s family said today that justice was finally served on the man who killer her.

Speaking after Daniel Wilson’s execution earlier today, Lutz’s mother, Martha Lutz said that Wilson’s death brings some closure.

“Today has ended a very long and very hard road for this family,” she said.

Wilson took holidays and other special times from them when he killed Carol Lutz, Martha Lutz said.

“He took it away like it was nothing,” she said.

Jerry Lutz, Carol Lutz’s father, he had waited a long time for Wilson to pay for what he did to his daughter.

“I think my daughter will finally rest in peace,” he said.

After Lutz’s family spoke, Father Neil Kookoothe, Wilson’s spiritual adviser, said Wilson was genuinely sorry for killing Lutz in 1991 by locking her in the trunk of her caring and setting it on fire.

But Kookoothe, who watched Wilson’s execution, also criticized the state for executing Wilson, saying it accomplished nothing.

“This situation began with death and it ends with death,” he said. “…Nothing good comes of this.”

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