May 26, 2016

Partly sunny

What was that giant pink cloud?

EATON TWP. – A massive pink cloud of steam visible for miles hung over Ross Incineration Services Inc. on Giles Road this morning.

Company spokeswoman Maggie Kelch said the steam was harmless and the unintended result of waste the company was burning that contained iodine.

“We were burning a waste stream that caused our steam to change color,” she said.

The company stopped incinerating the material when it realized that the steam was now pink instead of the usual white color, she said. The cloud drew concerned calls from neighbors to the company and the Eaton Township Fire Department, which responded as a precaution, Kelch said.

Kelch said the steam had already been through the company’s air purification system and posed no risk to neighbors.

“It was not a high enough concentration where it would cause any health issues,” she said.

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