May 29, 2016


Local Physicians Educate the Community

Eileen Novello

Eileen Novello

By Eileen Novello
Executive Director, Lorain County Medical Society

In 2009 the Lorain County Medical Society has focused on educating the citizens of Lorain County. Our theme has been “Be the Best You Can be: Good Sense=Good Health”.

Our physicians held two forums open to all citizens, the educational programs were held at DeLuca’s Place In The Park. Prior to the program attendees enjoyed a complimentary Salad Buffet and had the opportunity to visit vendor tables with materials related to the topic. The first program, “Breast Cancer: It’s Not Your Mothers Cancer”, was well attended by both women and men… yes, men can and do develop breast cancer.

Topics that were addressed by our member physicians included: general surgery, pathology, diagnostic radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology and plastic surgery. The audience was repeatedly reminded that they know their own body and it is imperative that self examinations be done monthly. If a change is seen the patient should contact their physician immediately.

Today’s healthcare is far advanced from when perhaps your mother had breast cancer. If chemotherapy is required there are over 60 types that your doctor will consider and determine the best treatment for you.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and to talk individually with the doctors.

The second program took place this fall and focused on nutrition and weight. Again, a panel of physicians and other health care providers educated the public on ways to lead a healthier life. Topics included: pediatric obesity, dietary management, exercise, psychosocial implications, drug treatment, bariatric surgery, and mind/body interaction. The audience was informed on how poor eating habits often contribute to heart problems, diabetes and other life threatening diseases.

The Medical Society also has educational materials available to the public (no charge). Please contact the Society at 440-934-6825 for materials on: Teen Crisis, Domestic Violence, Breast Exam Cards, PSA, and personal cards to track your medication. Cards on other health topics will be available in 2010.