July 1, 2016


Grobe’s Fruit Farm: A family tradition

Grobe Fruit Farm began 120 years ago in 1889 when Allen Grobe’s Great, Great Grandfather Henry arrived from Germany. Annette, Allen’s mother, says she is blessed to have a son who wanted to continue the family tradition.

Along side Allen, are his wife Laurie, mother Annette and sister Anita Grobe Edwards. “Without the help of these women, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Allen said.

appleAllen graduated from Michigan State in 1990 after studying Fruit and Vegetable Production & Management. In 1990, the apple cider press was added to the farm. “Balk Juice,” our Apple Cider Pasteurizing and Bottling Cider business began in 2006.

Grobe Fruit Farm won the Cider Contest in the Fabulous Food Show Cleveland 2007-2008.
Wholesale apples are sold through Fruit Growers Marketing Association using the Ohio Apple Labels logo.
Keep an ear out for our new apple varieties and increased vegetable acreage as we keep pace with modern agricultural technology.

Our 150 acres of apples, 125 acres of vegetables, 40 acres of miscellaneous fruit and 350 acres of grain keep the market open each year from July through April.

Check out the farming expertise of 5 Grobe generations by visiting our market!