June 27, 2016



There are three candidates, including two incumbents, seeking two trustee positions in Camden Township. One candidate, incumbent Scott Grills, did not respond to requests to participate in this story.

What are the biggest issues facing your township?

Piwinski: The economy is down and the township board has to watch spending money unnecessarily.
Ristas: The lack of communication. Most organizations, businesses, governments and even families fail on account of the lack of communications. Communicating with others and getting more people involved will be done by informing and educating others about issues that concern all and allowing the entire community to feel welcomed with any input whatsoever.

How do you plan to address them?

Piwinski: We as the board are implementing plans to set aside money for the Fire Department, Road Department, cemetery and day-to-day operations.
Ristas: All problems can be solved by first defining the problem and then laying out all the issues’ solutions and then working from a list of those that are priorities first. Prioritizing the issues and communicating with those involved and not stopping until a resolution is reached is the way to solve issues.

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

Piwinski: I have lived in Camden Township for 32 years and have been involved in numerous township operations as a fireman, fire chief and trustee. Being self-employed, I have been able to be more involved during the day if there are issues with the roads or the cemetery. I can go to meetings with the county engineer’s office to determine road conditions and drainage problems.
Ristas: Integrity. I do what I say I am going to do. Good, bad or indifferent, I answer all questions, address every issue, and I respond to each and every person individually.

Walter Piwinski
Education: Firelands High School/JVS graduate
Family: Wife; one son, one daughter
Job history: Mechanic; current trustee

Gus Ristas
Education: Elyria Catholic
Family: Pamela K. Ristas
Job history: Nordson, City of Elyria