June 28, 2016

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There are four candidates, including two incumbents, seeking two Carlisle Township trustee positions.

What are the biggest issues facing the township?

Liller: Sewers, decreasing income and zoning for future development.
Taylor: Protect our township land from annexation in order to preserve our rural atmosphere in an ever changing environment; sewers being installed in the township.
Wright: Trying to make do with not enough money coming in to operate. We have to maintain our infrastructure as we go along or later on we won’t be able to repair everything at once — kind of like trying to put out a fire you let get too big. Keeping Carlisle Township a township and not part of Elyria to best preserve the township way of life.
Zelenka: City of Elyria planned facility area, sewers, annexations, restore our Building Department and maintain our Fire Department.

How do you plan to address them?

Liller: I would like the opportunity to work with LORCO (Lorain County Rural Wastewater District) as a trustee to negotiate tap-in fees, including tap-in fees for homes with newly installed septic systems. With decreasing income, mainly due to economic downturn, we will refocus on our budget to reduce spending without jeopardizing service to our residents. Carlisle Township is a desirable place to live and zoning for future development will allow us to keep it that way and maintain control as our township grows.
Taylor: Work with zoning to ensure smart growth, and to colloborate with other government entities to keep our residents from paying more taxes. Work with LORCO to make sure that our residents get the lowest possible cost for tapping into the sewers with the lowest monthly fee.
Wright: To do the best we can with the resources we’re given. We’re a small business-friendly township and that means income, jobs and hopefully working close to home.
Zelenka: Challenge city and government agencies that have allowed Carlisle Township to be included in these areas. Plan on working with the county and LORCO to install sewers in the areas that are demanding development. I would continue challenging all annexations. Encourage communication with the county commissioners, to maintain the existing boundaries of Carlisle Township. There needs to be a legal challenge to restore our Building Department. If not, the Zoning Department is also in jeopardy to the county government. With the increasing population in this township, our Fire Department must have state of the art technology and equipment. One life lost is one too many.

What makes you best suited for the job?

Liller: I have lived in Carlisle Township for over 27 years. I am a business owner and have been active in the community as a firefighter for over 12 years. I would like the opportunity to represent our residents as Carlisle Township trustee.
Taylor: I am a longtime resident and I know the concerns that are ahead of us. I have worked well with the other trustees to bring our township to a positive financial condition. I will continue to be financially responsible to our township residents. I dedicated eight years of service to the township and will always keep the best interest of the residents in mind when making decisions.
Wright: Experience is one thing, and I’ve been a trustee for 12 years. And being a business owner in Carlisle Township, I’m very accessible all day every day, either in person or by phone. This is not a job for me; I serve the people of Carlisle Township.
Zelenka: I have been a lifetime resident of Carlisle Township and Zoning Commission chairman 12 out of the past 16 years. I have the years of experience and knowledge to protect the residents and property owners. Being a business owner for 20 years, I have gained knowledge in public relations, local and government issues, finance and dealing with employees. I have strived to maintain this township as a rural and agricultural community. I am hard working, not afraid of challenges and dedicated to the future of Carlisle Township. This is my home.

Dave Liller
Education: Keystone High School
Family: Married to Della 21 years with four children
Job history: Owner/operator of Authorized Transmissions in LaGrange; Carlisle Township firefighter

James H. Zelenka
Political party: Non-partisan race
Education: Keystone High School
Family: Married to wife, Kris, 31 years, a son and daughter
Job history: Owner of Zelenka Paint Farm (registered paint horses), owner of The Pub, a restaurant/lounge, part-time farmer (custom hay and beef cows), excavation and construction employee of Mader Damper Co., and Zoning Commission chairman of Carlisle Township
Web site: www.jameszelenkafortrustee.com