June 27, 2016



There are two candidates seeking to fill the unexpired term of a Columbia Township trustee.

What are the biggest issues facing your township?

Blankenship: NEORSD (storm sewers), the Ohio EPA (uniform septic systems) and vandalism.
Rundle: One of the top issues is the storm water, especially in Columbia. The entire economy of the township, and that has to do with budgets.

How do you plan to address them?

Blankenship: My plan is to request the Lorain County commissioners represent the residents of the township and stand with us against the storm utility project. I would appeal to Matt Lundy to keep pressure on the bill that would prevent the Ohio EPA from passing the uniform septic mandates on us. I would ask the citizens of Columbia to become more involved with the prevention of vandalism and area crime and be aware of what is happening in our community.
Rundle: In regards to the storm water, we are working with the county engineer and we are trying to clean our streams and ditches. We need to stop the water runoff from impervious areas and we need to make sure subdivisions have retention basins and that they can hold water. We don’t want a sudden rush of water. Basins will hold the water and let it go slowly.
As for the economy, we are applying for grants and we are also trying to work smarter and cheaper at the same time. We are trying to get our budgets in line and cut out any unnecessary spending.

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

Blankenship: I have fresh ideas on old issues and with my job I have a real world prospective on some of the problems we face.
Rundle: I believe I understand the problems and I know the people to go to to get some of these things accomplished. One thing you cannot forget is that as a trustee, you are an employee of the public, and the constituents are our bosses and we will do what we can for the greatest number.

Lonnie Blankenship
Education: Some college courses
Family: Married, four children and five grandchildren
Job history: Geo tech/construction inspection

Dale Rundle
Education: High school graduate, some college courses, military school and advanced EMT training
Family: Three children, two boys and a girl
Job history: U.S. Steel, 31 years; retired Columbia fire chief and 22 years Columbia Township trustee