June 28, 2016



Five candidates, including two incumbents,  are vying for two spots as Eaton Township trustees.

What are the biggest issues facing the township?

Edwards: As with most townships, one of the biggest challenges would be the need to protect our land and stop annexation. Another issue is providing senior services and security to all of the residents who are in need. LORCO (Lorain County Rural Wastewater District) is also something that is prevalent in the mind of the voters.
Fitch: Sewers and growth.
Szczepanski: I find that the current biggest issue is moving the township ahead. There are so many things that can be done to improve our community that have been overlooked.
Morrison: The LORCO Phase I sewer project, as residents of Eaton Township will be impacted by this during tough economic times. A comprehensive land use plan for the township. Storm water management issues inclusive of the revised FEMA floodplain map.
Hicks: The biggest issues facing Eaton Township are the LORCO sewer project and the Eaton’s lack of representation on that board.

How do you plan to address them?

Edwards: I plan to address the issues by providing the township with proactive leadership that anticipates the needs of the community. I will continue to locate and utilize available resources to assist area residents by applying for grants, stimulus and relief programs.
Fitch: I’m working on a committee developing a comprehensive land use plan to control the growth in the community. The sewers are bringing the growth. Without the sewers, there will be no growth but there will be annexation.
Szczepanski: I will reach out to the community by asking others about how I can help improve the township overall, as well as cooperate with the other trustees in order to accomplish our goals.
Morrison: Ensure that the voice of the residents and business owners is heard and is an integral part of the planning and decision making. Continue to secure grants and low-interest loans available for the maintenance of the township roads, acquisition of equipment and special interest projects.
Hicks: I am running for trustee. I will continue to address the financial hardships this project is placing on Eaton residents.

What makes you best suited for the job?

Edwards: I am best suited to continue my leadership role as a trustee of Eaton Township because I have proven that I have the personal integrity and credibility to stand up for the issues that I believe will strengthen the community.
Fitch: I think with my experiences in life, I have the knowledge to run a township. I have been on the Eaton Township Zoning Commission since 2000 and have been chairman for four years, and I spent 20 years as a volunteer fireman in Columbia Township, reaching the rank of assistant fire chief. I know about zoning and how the fire department works and my business experience allows me the knowledge to run a township.
Szczepanski: Over the past 58 years, I have given the community of Eaton Township my dedicated effort and time to help assist with any problems, whether they are minor or grand in scale. By becoming trustee of Eaton Township, I can expand my efforts to not only meet, but exceed the standards of my position.
Morrison: Willingness to listen to the residents of the township, work together as a team and accomplish the issues at hand.
Hicks: I am experienced in researching issues and making sound decisions. I have developed a good rapport with local and county agencies. My business background in management and accounting gives me the tools to address township financial matters. I’m an honest, trustworthy, fair and responsible individual and can assure the residents that integrity, honesty and ethics will be restored to Eaton.

Doug Edwards
Education: Midview High School; Ohio state apprenticeship, journeyman mechanic
Family: A son
Job history: Owner/operator of Edwards Mobile Repair; incumbent trustee

Roger Fitch
Education: Columbia High graduate and finished two-year general business course at the Oberlin School of Commerce
Family: Wife Madelyn, two children
Job history: Worked 40 years at a family hardware store, eventually owning the business; also worked seven years at a golf course and now employed at a landscape company

Donna J. Hicks
Did not provide
Education: High school graduate; two years of business college
Family: Did not provide
Job history: Retired from General Electric with 28 years of service

Linda D. Morrison
Did not provide
Education: Midview High School; Baldwin-Wallace College
Family: Did not provide
Job history: Owner Mor-Value Tax Service; incumbent township trustee; certified public accountant — licensed in Ohio. Accident prevention committee member; stormwater management committee member; Ross Cromling Scholarship Committee; Adopt-A-Highway program

Eugene Szczepanski
Education: Grafton High School and finished Education in U.S. Navy; fire instruction courses at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School
Family: Did not answer
Job history: Taught; previously served as township trustee from 1994 to 2005