June 25, 2016



Voters in Kipton will be asked to elect four members of Village Council from a field of five, including three who are incumbents.

What are the biggest issues facing the village?

Collins: Sewers and the aesthetics of our downtown area.
Krueck: 1. Prudent spending of village funds. 2. Fiscal responsibility and integrity.
3. Sanitary sewers. 4. Maintenance of village roads
Hill: Participation of people within the community to be more involved with each other, and help to preserve and restore our village.
Watson: Money and repair in the village.
Wiele: The downtown area needs to be redeveloped and beautified.

How do you plan to address them?

Collins: I serve on the Lorain County Rural Wastewater District and working in conjunction with the mayor to obtain grants for sidewalks, etc.
Krueck: 1. It is my intention to see that regular Budget Committee meetings are conducted and that all relevant information and documents are present at these meetings by the time the committee meets. 2. Village Council must take all necessary precautions to see that funds are spent only after careful deliberation has determined the necessity of any expenditures. We cannot frivolously spend the money that has been entrusted to us by the citizens of the village. In some cases, Council should send out fliers to announce our intentions in order to get a sense of how the village citizenry feels about spending issues. 3. I have been in contact with LORCO and the EPA trying to get the most cost-effective and prompt attention to the problems facing our village. The current plan of “wait and see” is not good enough. 4. We need to commit funds to determine what exactly needs to be done to bring the streets of our village up to acceptable standards. There are potholes and cracks that need to be attended to as soon as possible. Patching has been done in the past, but it may be necessary to do some major road work sooner than later.
Hill: If elected, I plan on going door to door to take questions and opinions on how to help the community. Also, I’d like to try to bring together younger and older citizens so that the younger couples can gain wisdom and knowledge from the older generation to carry on the community.
Watson: Look at local and state or federal grants for the village only.
Wiele: I am willing to work with the mayor to achieve grants and donations to improve the downtown.

What makes you best suited for the job?

Collins: I’m presently serving my third term on Council and was Council president pro tempore for two years. I am also coordinator of Kipton’s Pride Day, facilitator of Christmas lighting, chairperson of the Children’s Christmas Party and a member of the Kipton-Camden Ladies Auxiliary.
Krueck: I feel that I have a good perspective on the “needs” versus the “wants” of the Village Council. I hope to get more community feedback on issues facing the village, especially in these times of financial insecurity. I have a background in sewage treatment; I am licensed in the state of Michigan and operated a package sewage treatment plant for almost twenty years there. I reported to both the DNR and the EPA on a regular basis on the operation of our treatment plant as well as many other water and air quality concerns. I have lived in this community for almost 10 years now, and I call this town home. I love it here and plan to spend many more years here. I hope to have the privilege to continue to serve the village in any capacity.
Hill: I have excellent team leadership skills and I am a great people person. I am a good listener to people’s problems and think that I offer good and fair advice. And furthermore, given the opportunity, I promise to carry on the wisdom that I have gained from my older generation and fellow neighbors in the community.
Watson: I am willing to talk and listen to the residents of the village. I have been mayor and can work with the present mayor with no problems.
Wiele: I have lived in Kipton for 40 years and have seen the downward fall of Kipton. I am a hard worker and will put in my best effort in helping the town and its citizens.

Dorothy Collins
Education: Attending Lorain County Community College
Family: Married to Leslie; two children; four grandchildren
Job history: Retired from FirstMerit Bank; current Council member

vMichael Hill
Age: 47
Education: High school graduate
Family: Married to Sarah; two children, Michael and Sabrina; one grandchild
Job history: Shipping coordinator at Worldcolor in Oberlin for 11 years, previously employed at MTD for 10 years. Four years military service from 1984 to 1988.

Richard KrueCk
Education: High school graduate; some college; currently attending Oberlin College
Family: married to Diane (Joppeck) Krueck
Job history: Retired; worked as a lab technician and major equipment operator for a Michigan utility company; current Council member

Dennis Watson
Education: High school graduate, Lorain County JVS training as a machinist
Family: Married to Betty, three children, Dennis, Lindsey and Kyle
Job history: Machinist at Nordson Corp.; served two terms as mayor of Kipton; current Council member

Judy Wiele
Education: Attended Oberlin Schools; associates degree in microcomputer applications and diploma as an office support specialist from Ohio Business College
Family: Three children, Sandy Kyle Hensley, Erica Fisher and Arthur Wiele; one grandchild
Job history: I drive For Alternative Transport taking autistic children to and from school; on weekends I drive for A Touch of Class Limousine Service.