June 30, 2016

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Two men will vie for Vermilion’s 1st Ward seat. One is a political newcomer while the other is a former councilman. The position now is held by John Gabriel, who is not seeking re-election.

What are the challenges or issues facing the city?

Sherwood: The biggest challenge is finding ways to unite the city in achieving common goals through the use of positive attitudes and leadership. We need to progress as a city while maintaining the unique qualities of Vermilion’s lakefront charm. This includes bringing in new business and encouraging growth of current businesses. We need to improve the city’s infrastructure but keep the tax burden under control. We need to include residents while making decisions regarding their money and their city. We need to improve open communications between city government and citizens. It is imperative to conduct city business in a positive manner.
Luby: Challenges facing the city include aging infrastructure (streets and utilities), lack of money, declining home values, older population and job losses.

How do you plan to address them?

: I plan to continue the positive attitudes and influences that the present
1st Ward Councilman John Gabriel has initiated. My background in finance and working with people has prepared me to work hard and seek additional means of revenue and income. One of the best ways to achieve a better financial picture is to encourage and attract new business and residents. I will keep a watchful eye on city finances and the budget. I plan to listen carefully to the needs of the citizens and maintain open communications. If the administration and Council can work together in a positive atmosphere, Vermilion can overcome its difficulties and grow as a city.
Luby: We need to focus on our strong points, which include promoting tourism, Lake Erie, the Vermilion River, downtown shops and quality of local schools. We also need to support area business, seek new industry, seek all grants available and get Council and the administration to work together.

What makes you best suited for the job?

Sherwood: I grew up in the 1st Ward with an interest in politics since I was a Vermilion High School representative at Boys State. With a major in political science, I worked in a political job for nine years in Franklin County Municipal Court, where I kept a watchful eye on incoming revenue and outgoing expenditures. Now, as an educator, I work with people, using positive attitudes to achieve goals. My 30-plus years of athletic involvement have taught me a lot about teamwork. Vermilion is my hometown, and I will be committed to its progress and success for its future.
Luby: Being a five-term
1st Ward councilman from 1996-2001 and 2004-07 that included positions as chairman of the Legislative Committee, Council representative to the Zoning Board of Appeals and Vermilion Planning Commission, which I currently chair.

Joel “Nick” Luby
Education: Graduate of Vermilion High School; attended Lorain County Community College
Family: Wife, Sharon, and children Jessica, Megan and Ryan
Job history: General manager, A-1 Rental, Sandusky for 31 years

Scott Sherwood
Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science from Capital University in 1989; master’s degree in teaching and curriculum from Bowling Green State University in 2008
Family: Wife, Melva, and stepsons Aaron and Andrew
Job history: Deputy clerk, Franklin County Municipal Court (1990-1999); teacher, Lorain Schools (1999-present); trainer, Teletech (2007-08)