June 27, 2016

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The current 4th Ward representative to Vermilion City Council is being challenged by a former two-term Council member.

What are the challenges or issues facing the city?

Haponek: Major issues Vermilion faces are maintaining roads and infrastructure and attracting new businesses. Well-maintained roads and infrastructure are the backbone of any city in order to maintain property values, quality of daily living and in attracting young families and businesses to assure economic development.
Brady: A city provides services and infrastructure. Our police, fire and service departments are topnotch. But our roads, storm and sanitary sewer systems have been neglected far too long. In the last four years, we have seen the labor-intensive “cold patch” replaced by the much more durable “DuraPatch” system at a significant savings. We have experimented with techniques to extend the lifespan of our decent streets to slow deterioration so we can spend more dollars on streets too potholed to salvage. Responsibly maintaining our assets will in the end save us tax dollars and improve our quality of life.

How do you plan to address them?

Haponek: These issues can be addressed by constantly finding ways to “trim the fat” while seeking creative avenues of revenue through grants and other programs to bring state and federal tax dollars back to Vermilion. Council must work with the administration to use already-designated road monies in the most cost-efficient way possible.
Brady: Our focus has changed from replacement to maintenance with an emphasis on modern methods and extending the life of our assets. If we continue to rein in spending, we can make improvements without reaching deeper into our citizens’ pockets.

What makes you best suited for the job?

Haponek: I enjoy the challenges and rewards that public service brings. I especially enjoy working with others to find solutions to common problems. I know I can represent the people and families of Ward 4, bringing their concerns to City Council and making every effort to resolve major issues through cooperation and determination. I will work to keep government services affordable and the administration accountable. My main goal is for members of city government to show respect and cooperation to one another by putting personal agendas aside to move Vermilion forward.
Brady: My supporters and detractors have to agree that I question everything. I do not accept “We’ve always done it that way.” Also, my inherent common sense, dedication and loyalty are now tempered with four years of experience.

Barb Brady
Education: Bachelor of science degree from University of Dayton
Family: Husband, Terry; Children: jeannette 36; Carrie, 33; Matt 29; grandchildren: Ben 7, Kate 2, Anna 1
Job history: Small business owner; employed by H.J. Kirby Corp.

Sheri Haponek
Education: Associate degree in allied health — dental hygiene.
Family: Married to husband, David more than 31 years. Two sons who attended and graduated from Vermilion Schools. Kevin, 25, is an Ohio State University graduate in mechanical engineering, living in Arizona. Chad, 22, is a senior at Ohio State University majoring in architecture.
Job history: Registered dental hygienist, practicing more than 14 years. Currently employed at Tower Dental & Associates in Lorain and serves as the 4th Ward Council representative