June 30, 2016



Two political newcomers are facing off against one another for the job of Amherst city treasurer. The winner will replace Kathy Litkovitz, who is retiring after 20 years.

What are the challenges or issues facing the city?

Hale: The most important issue facing the Amherst treasurer and the administration is maintaining our community and its services to residents during the current financial crisis. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to be financially prudent in management of the city’s money. As a member of the administration, the treasurer has to help the city function without placing an undue burden on taxpayers.
Hullman: Because we are in difficult economic times, income tax revenues and investment earnings revenues are decreasing. As a result of reducing revenues, Amherst is going to have to manage its resources even more carefully and efficiently than usual.

How are you best suited to handle them?

Hale: Since moving to Amherst, I have volunteered to help maintain and improve Amherst as a good place to live and work. My volunteer work has included being an early member of the AD&BA Board (now known as Mainstreet Amherst), a member of Mayor (David) Taylor’s Master Plan Committee for approximately five years including two years as chairwoman and a precinct committee representative for Ward 2. This work has allowed me to develop and maintain an understanding of the community and its needs. The knowledge gained from this work, coupled with my education and 20 years of business experience, makes me very qualified to serve the citizens of Amherst.
Hullman: As a CPA, I have substantial experience with income taxation, and as a school board treasurer I have substantial experience investing idle money. Collecting our city income taxes and investing our idle money are the two most important functions our city treasurer performs. My qualifications and experiences will help ensure our income taxes are collected effectively and our idle money invested to maximize earnings. This will help Amherst remain solvent in difficult economic times. My substantial experience in budget management will help our city government team.

What changes, enhancements and improvements would you like to make if elected?

Hale: The Amherst treasurer is a manager and member of the mayor’s administration, rather than a legislative position. My goal will be to listen carefully, and analyze thoroughly before considering changes. I will use my experience to ensure the department of the treasurer is run in an efficient manner and that the funds collected are safeguarded and invested wisely.
Hullman: Experiences resulting from my certified public accountant license, master’s in business administration degree, present employment as treasurer of the Olmsted Falls City School District, as well as previous auditing and consulting involvements make me the best suited candidate to help lead Amherst through these difficult financial times. My goal is to serve all residents by being a professional, dependable and accountable steward of our money.

Mark Hullman

Mark Hullman

Mark Hullman
Party: Democrat
Education: Master’s degree in business administration
Family: Married to Karen Hullman; four grown children; 10 grandchildren
Job history: Treasurer of Olmsted Falls Schools and a certified public accountant with substantial experience in local government finance as an auditor and consultant.

Linda Hale

Linda Hale

Linda Hale
Party: Republican
Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baldwin-Wallace College with an accounting major
Family: Son, 31, and daughter, 29
Job history: 20 years of accounting and business experience in manufacturing, retail and service industries.