May 24, 2015



Three candidates, including the incumbent, are vying to represent the 3rd Ward in Avon.

What are the biggest issues facing the city?

Parsons: Responsible development and improved communication between City Council and residents are tops. I want to see it grow, but at a responsible growth rate. I don’t want to see it grow up too fast, and I don’t want to see it in places where it’s not appropriate.
Ward: Probably managing the growth of the city. If you look back at what it looked like 10 to 20 years ago, it was completely different. The growth the city has experienced has been fabulous, but managing it is important. I want to make sure that additional developments don’t end up like the vacant storefronts along Detroit Road.
Yonchak: Keeping the city’s infrastructure on pace with development, especially sidewalks, as well as making sure there is wise development in the city are the two biggest issues.

How do you plan to address them?

Parsons: If elected, I’d make sure to communicate and work with developers to make sure they’re making sound decisions. I also plan to continue my Web site and post issues and information for residents to keep them informed.
Ward: My background in business will help me understand what businesses want so that they won’t close. In my businesses, one of the things we always looked for was what kind of support the city was giving. As long as Avon continues to grow its business and residential bases, businesses will want to come here and stay.
Yonchak: As head of the service committee, I have had a hand in creating the city’s master plan for pedestrian access. Other infrastructure improvements, such as to sewers and streets, will take years, but I hope to get the chance to continue them. I also want to continue working with businesses to make sure wise development is taking place.

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

Parsons: My experience as vice chairman on the Lorain County Solid Waste Policy committee, a position from which I helped bring $425,000 in recycling grant money to the city. Recycling has also increased in Avon 133 percent.
Ward: I have a lot of business experience, but I don’t have any political experience. I’ll be up front and say that. It allows me to have a fresh perspective on everything.
Yonchak: I’ve been on most of the committees of Council and also have had a hand in bringing a recycling program to Avon. I have an ability to work with people and compromise when needed.

Brian Parsons

Brian Parsons

Brian Parsons
Education: High school in Athens, Ohio, and three years at Ohio University
Family: Wife Bunny and daughter Charlotte, 7
Job history: Director of sales for U.S. and Canada for Pandigital Entertainment, which markets electronics and entertainment products to women
Web site:
Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward
Education: Master’s degree in accounting from Boston University and bachelor’s from Cleveland State
Family: Wife, Karen, for 21 years, and children Kevin Jr., 11; Brittney, 10; Ryan, 7
Job history: Captain in the U.S. Army. Works as a business consultant but has spent time as the chief financial officer, vice president of operations and president of an entire division for several businesses throughout North America.
Mark Yonchak

Mark Yonchak

Mark Yonchak
Education: Master’s in accounting from Cleveland State, bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University
Family: Wife of 12 years, Danielle, and two sons, Jacob, 9 and Nick, 7
Job history: Has 22 years experience in business and spent the last 12 years in IT and has served as the 3rd Ward representative since his appointment two years ago.