May 26, 2016


BREAKING NEWS: Lorain man shot overnight

LORAIN — A 24-year-old Lorain man was shot in the thigh around midnight Monday night.

According to Lorain police, Delno Clayton’s girlfriend picked him up in the parking lot of City Bar, which is closed while undergoing renovations, at 2802 Pearl Ave., and he asked her to take him to the emergency room because he’d been shot.

The girlfriend, Jalise Charlton, told police that a relative of Clayton’s had called her to ask her to pick Clayton up and directed her to where he’d be.

Clayton did not cooperate with police, the report said, stating to them that “this bullet wasn’t meant for me.” He insisted to police he had been out alone.

Police reported that there was a complaint of shots fired in the area of East 31st Street and Grove Avenue about 20 minutes before they were dispatched to the Community Regional Medical Center’s emergency room for Clayton’s shooting. An investigation in the area turned up nothing.

Clayton was treated and released. There are no suspects at this time.