May 26, 2016


Local news roundup for July 2, 2010

Judge throws out Lorain woman’s Obama lawsuit

ELYRIA — A Lorain County magistrate has thrown out the lawsuit a Lorain woman filed against President Barack Obama.

In his decision, Magistrate James Blaszak wrote that Doris Holt’s complaint against Obama contained only “vague allegations of discrimination.”

Under the law, Blaszak wrote, he can dismiss com­plaints that lack dates, facts and details of the constitu­tional violations that Holt had alleged, including that she saw numerous problems in gov­ernmental agencies, schools, hospitals and police depart­ments.

Blaszak and county Com­mon Pleas Judge James Burge already had ordered Holt to file a new complaint because her first one wasn’t in the proper format and didn’t actu­ally ask for a particular judg­ment against the president.

Blaszak wrote in the latest decision that Holt cannot refile the lawsuit.

Man indicted for Toy Box shooting

ELYRIA — A Lorain man has been indicted for allegedly shooting three teenagers with­out provocation at the Toy Box night club in downtown Elyria. Maurice Nieves, 21, is charged with carrying a con­cealed weapon, illegal posses­sion in a liquor permit prem­ises and three counts of felo­nious assault for the May 8 shooting.

One teen was shot in left side of his upper body, while another was shot in the left wrist. The third teen was shot in the right hand, according to authorities.

All three have since been released from the hospital.

Nieves is being held at the Lorain County Jail.

Alleged gang members face more charges

ELYRIA — Two men picked up in an anti-gang crackdown by Lorain police in February have been indicted again as part of the ongoing investiga­tion.

Bohannon Miller was charged with participating in a criminal gang between 2000 and January of this year. He already had been charged with participating in a criminal gang between 2007 and 2010 as well as felonious assault and obstructing justice charges.

The felonious assault charge stems from a hit-and-run on Jan. 13 in which he and Avery Taylor alleged rammed a vehi­cle and then chased down three men who were in the other vehicle.

Taylor, who is also charged with felonious assault in the hit-and-run, also picked up a new gang charge for allegedly participating in a criminal gang between 2005 and Janu­ary of this year.

He already had been charged with participating in a criminal gang in 2009.