April 30, 2016


Police chief praises Rogers for helping nab DUI driver

On the same day he avoided jail time with a plea bargain fol­lowing a gun arrest at the air­port, Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers endeared him­self to the police.

According to Fox 8 News, Rogers called the police July 15 while driving on Interstate 71 in Middleburg Heights because someone was driving erratically. Rogers told the dispatcher the driver appears “to be either very sleepy or drunk, he’s run off the road several times swerving across, they’re driving on a flat tire right now.”

Rogers followed the vehicle until it stopped on the side of the road near the Pearl Road exit. The driver turned off his lights while the back of the car was in the fast lane, and Rogers pulled behind the car.

“Mr. Rogers positioned him­self behind that vehicle and turned his emergency flashers on to notify other drivers that there was an emergency on the road, and I don’t know what would’ve happened had he not done that,” Middleburg Heights Police Chief John Mad­dox told Fox 8.

Maddox said police arrested the driver and charged him with driving under the influ­ence and operating an unsafe vehicle. Maddox drafted a letter to send to Rogers and his bosses with the Browns.

“I thought his actions were above and beyond and I wanted to express to him as chief of police how much we appreciate what he did that night he helped keep Middle­burg Heights safe,” Maddox said.

Earlier that day, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge Eileen Gallagher approved a plea bargain, plac­ing Rogers in a diversion pro­gram for up to a year. He was facing felony charges after being arrested with a semiau­tomatic handgun in his carry­-on bag April 1.

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