November 24, 2014


Judge: Vacant homeowners owe neighbors

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland housing court judge wants owners of vacant, neglected properties to compensate neighbors whose property values and safety are put at risk.

Two out-of-state firms that own empty and run-down Cleveland houses face restitution hearings before Judge Raymond Pianka later this month. The judge has already issued fines totaling more than $900,000 for code violations at the two homes. One was so run down that the city has condemned it and plans to tear it down.

Pianka has declined to comment on the cases, because they’re pending. But he has sent letters to people living near the properties informing them that they may have a right to restitution if they can show in court that they suffered economic loss related to blight.

  • Thomas Michael

    Judge pianka, are you taking bribes? Nick dionisopolous states he has housing court in his back pocket. Lets see on probation since 2008. Plus 10,000 a month in fines since then. You have yet to put him in jail or tear down a single house. You allow him to rent out these properties although you state that he cannot rent them out without the courts permission. So is it true are you in the slum landlord if Cleveland’s pocket. Are you really his……