June 30, 2016

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Cost Effective Senior Living

Want to know one of the best kept secrets in Lorain County?

E.R.C. Senior Apartments is where independent seniors can find exceeding affordable living accommodations, without the pressures of spending down their savings.

E.R.C. Senior Apartments can save seniors nearly half the cost of what independent living competi­tors charge by offering cost smart advantages in the local area with NO entrance fees, NO extended contract and absolutely NO hid­den additional cost.

E.R.C. Senior Apartments pro­vides senior independent living to its fullest by providing our resi­dents with outstanding services, which include beautiful cus­tomized private apartments, chef prepared meals served in our lux­urious dining hall, housekeeping/laundry services and transportation to accommo­date your needs.

‘Moving to E.R.C. Senior Apart­ments, I have saved nearly half the amount that I was paying at my previous residence. I was also very impressed by the low cost of all the services E.R.C. Senior Apart­ments provides.’ – Ray Crawford, E.R.C. Resident Many independent seniors real­ize the challenges of being home owners during the winter months and during the current era’s finan­cial difficulties. E.R.C.Senior Apartments has been the solution for many seniors who are looking for affordable independent living.

At the E.R.C. Senior Apartments, you can tailor your expenses and services to meet your individual needs.

‘I really enjoy the friendliness of all the residents and staff here at the E.R.C. Senior Apartments’ –Pat Watters, E.R.C. Senior Apart­mentsResidentThe outstanding staff here at the E.R.C. Senior Apartments is only one of the many advantages you will find. E.R.C. Senior Apart­ments provides on-premise 24/7 staff, which provides the residents peace of mind. E.R.C. Senior Apartments encourages their resi­dents to take advantage of Inde­pendent Living by offering as a service to all of our driving resi­dents fully-covered car garages for protection of their property.

E.R.C. Senior Apartments is conveniently tucked away and located at 145 Academy Court in Elyria, just minutes south of Route 113 and close to local shopping.

For more information or to sched­ule a tour with Director Joel Stavsky, please call the E.R.C.

Senior Apartments at (440) 322-2292.