June 28, 2016


Just the Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

By Leigh Grogan , McClatchy Newspapers

DEAR SHOPPING: I finally got my mother turned on to the right shade for her eyebrows about two years ago, Maybelline Charcoal Gray. I bought her a package of two. Now that she has used them, we’ve exhausted ourselves looking for it. I know that Maybelline dis­continued this product (great mis­take on their behalf). Not all gray­haired people can use the light blond the company suggests. Any ideas?— Kathy, Calif.

DEAR KATHY: Searching for the brow pencil turned up a lot of complaints that Maybelline dis­continued this shade. However, Amazon.com (via the Makeup Warehouse) does have the Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencils in charcoal gray. It’s a bit pricey $18.38 but this is the shade you’re looking for.

Another option is Aura Cosmet­ics’ pro pencil, which is available for $8.95 at www.auracosmetics.com, which is based in Kent, Wash. You can also call (253) 854-1366. The website says “this is a light-medium gray and is terrific for gray and silver hair.” It can also double as a smoky eyeliner.