June 30, 2016


Union candidate’s house hit by bullet

LORAIN — The home of Mary Springowski, a candidate for office at a local union, was shot Monday, damaging the window of her child’s bedroom.

Around 1 p.m. Monday, Mary’s husband, Thomas Springowski, called police when he saw the damaged window on the couple’s East Skyline Drive home. Police found a copper slug of unknown caliber in the home’s exterior, the report said.

Mary Springowski is a worker at the Avon Lake Ford plant and member of UAW Local 2000, where she is running for bargaining committeeperson, her husband said. She could not be reached as she was serving as a delegate at a union constitutional convention in Detroit.

The candidate told police she has recently received anonymous, derogatory letters while at work that were “mean spirited” but did not contain threats of physical harm, according to the report.

She told police she believes the bullet is a threat meant to force her to drop out of the elections, which she said were getting “ugly” recently.

Thomas Springowski said the letter contained negative insinuations about her and her family.

“I took all that with a grain of salt until this bullet came through the window,” he said. When he came home he saw the shattered window and damaged framing, he climbed on to the roof to inspect it and found the hole in the upper part of the window frame where police later discovered the slug.

“It’s pretty scary,” Thomas Springowski said, adding that his children, who are ages 12 and 18 years old, live at home and sleep in that bedroom and are shaken by the incident.

A neighbor also reported to police that she saw a suspicious gray van sitting in the street over the weekend. The neighbor said that when she pulled into her driveway the van drove away, police said.

Mary Springowski currently serves as an alternate committeeperson for the union. Thomas said he believes that if she is elected, she may be the first woman to fill the position of bargaining committeeperson at the union.

Even with a shot being fired at their home, Thomas said his wife has no intention of dropping out of the race.

“She mentioned it briefly, and we didn’t think this was a good thing to do,” he said.

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