June 25, 2016


Former Lorain councilman pleads no contest to weapons charge

LORAIN — Former Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores pleaded no contest this morning in Lorain Municipal Court to a carrying a concealed weapon charge.

Dennis Flores

Dennis Flores

Flores, 56, was arrested in November after he was stopped by police and failed to immediately inform officers that he was carrying a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Flores has a concealed carry permit, but one of the requirements for such a permit is that when a permit holder encounters a police officer they must say they are armed.

Police stopped Flores after a woman complained that he was following her daughter and her friends and taking photos of them.

Flores told police that he was out taking photos of dilapidated buildings in the area, and a review of the photos convinced officers that the girls just happened to end up in the pictures.

Flores will be sentenced May 27, according to court records.

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