May 24, 2016


Five Ways To Make Your Upcoming Golf Season A Success

The dreadful winter we have been experiencing is slowly coming to an end.  In the next few weeks, Clevelanders are going to be putting away their winter jackets and snow shovels and replacing them with bathing suits, lawn mowers, and most importantly bringing their golf bags up from the dusty basement.

The beginning of the golf season is always a great time for the average golfer.  I like to compare it to rooting for Cleveland sports teams.  We know we are going to eventually end up having another season of inevitable bad shots, followed by more bad shots, followed by that one almost perfect round that keeps us coming back every year, followed again by more bad shots. However there is that small bit of hope that you will enjoy a “dream” season, where all the stars will align and you will play consistently good golf all season long.  Let’s face it.  We are called amateur golfers for a reason.  We hit bad shots.  That’s not why we play the game though.  We play it because of that one exceptional afternoon where we beat our personal best score, the chance of hitting the impossible 50 ft putt and the feeling of freedom the golf course gives us.  That is why we keep coming back.  Whether you take the game seriously or if it is something that you do a couple of times a year, I am going to give you five ways to get your 2011 golf season started in the right direction.

1. Take a lesson: a basic lesson

This is a tricky one.  Inform your instructor that you do not want a complete overhaul of your swing, or them to point out every flaw in your game.  The premise of this lesson is to get in touch with your swing.  Basically, I can’t think of a better way to get confident over the golf ball then to have a professional instructor tell you what you do well and how to build off of your strengths.

2.  Get in golf shape: STRETCH

Being in shape is crucial to a golf season. Flexibility is extremely important for your body’s muscles when playing a game like golf. Early season injuries can linger on during the course of a year and really put a damper on the amount of fun you have.  Try to start a stretching routine now, so that when season comes around you will have an easier time getting over that initial soreness from playing.

3.  Set Goals: Realistic Goals

If you play 3 times a year this does not apply to you.  However, if you strive to play good golf this summer, I suggest you set some realistic goals. You should set a goal with an outcome, like “break 80.”  Then set a goal in relation to how you will achieve that goal, “Go to the range twice a week.”

4.  Buy something new to excite yourself

You don’t have to break the bank, but you should buy yourself something new that will not only assist in the goal of playing better golf, but will excite you and help you get excited and stay excited about practicing and playing golf.

5.  Plan a golf trip

Nothing ends a golf season like going on a trip to somewhere warm.  Just when you think the season is over, you and a group of friends head down south and play golf for a week or weekend.  Plus, it will give you something to try to improve your game for throughout the season.

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