May 24, 2016


Lorain County Speedway: Tigh Shaffer triumphs despite cautions

SOUTH AMHERST — Yellow flags clash when it comes to sports.

Tigh Shaffer, the two-time defending Modified division champion, won the 50-lap feature event Saturday night at Lorain County Speedway despite nine caution flags which halted the green-flag racing. Multiple caution flags also flew during restart laps and contributed to the 24-car field needing one hour and 26 minutes to reach the checkered flag.

“It’s all teamwork and my family,” Shaffer said of winning the race. “They’ve all been behind me 100 percent and have helped me out a bunch. We’ve just kept working and working.

“I didn’t really think about it that much, but under caution, I wasn’t touching the gas at all,” he added. “It was the longest race and the fans probably hated it.”

Shaffer took the lead following the second caution flag. After reaching the front of the field, Shaffer was able to hold off the field by getting good runs on the restart.

On the third caution lap, Paul Shaffer, Tigh’s father, made contact with the left rear quarter panel of Jeff Fade Jr. and caused a flat tire on the No. 33 car. The elder Shaffer was sent off the track for the remaining laps of the main event.

Lap 38 brought out the second-to-last caution flag and the field then went to single-file restarts instead of the previously utilized double-file system.

“That helped out a lot,” Shaffer said of the single-file runs. “I know with the horsepower I’ve got and the car I had, if they were starting behind me, I was all right. The horsepower and motor, my engine builder got it just right,and on the restarts, that thing revs up so quick. It’s got the most horsepower to the ground out here.”

In the Ohio Stock division, Jerry Karl won the 10-lap feature in just his second appearance at the speedway. Karl raced his brother Clayton side-by-side for almost the entire race.

“It’s not that far off from the Sandusky set-up,” Karl said. “All we really had to do was change a gear and make a few changes to the spoiler. It’s the same springs.

“He’s the 2009 track champion up at Sandusky and actually broke his leg here in one of the front-wheel drive cars,” Jerry added about Clayton. “There will be a lot of bragging rights tonight.”

Defending Charger division champion Lindsey Fade jumped from the middle of the field to the lead, but a second-lap caution flag ruined her pass. Track veteran Charlie Wells was able to pull away with the win in the A main Charger that featured a stretch of three-wide racing.

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Dash: 1. Jeff Fade Jr. (Northfield), 2. Mark Smith (Eaton Twp.), 3. Brad Copen (Wooster), 4. T.J. Steinman (LaGrange).

Heat 1: 1. Dan LaRocco (Cleveland), 2. Jeff Amsdell, 3. Chuck Phillips (Madison), 4. Bill Petrie (Macedonia), 5. Steve Jones.

Heat 2: 1. John Bartlome (Lorain), 2. Andy Hoskinson (Elyria), 3. Chad Lemmerman (Macedonia), 4. Paul Shaffer (Medina), 5. Tigh Shaffer (Medina).

Heat 3: 1. Stacey Gerken (LaGrange), 2. Michael Parks (Lorain), 3. Fade, 4. M. Smith, 5. Joe Pugh (Lorain).

Feature (24 cars, 50 laps): 1. T. Shaffer, 2. M. Smith, 3. Gerken, 4. Tate Gerken (LaGrange), 5. Amsdell.

Ohio Stocks

Dash: 1. Jerry Karl (Columbia Station), 2. Clayton Karl (Columbia Station), 3. Calvin McMahan (North Ridgeville), 4. Justin Phillips (Madison).

Heat: 1. C. Karl, 2. J. Karl, 3. Phillips, 4. McMahan.

Feature (4 cars, 10 laps): 1. J. Karl, 2. C. Karl, 3. Phillips, 4. McMahan.

Pure Stocks

Dash: 1. Bobby Justice (Elyria), 2. Ryan Chapman (Lorain), 3. Bubba Wiggins Jr. (Spencer), 4. Steve McCall (Elyria).

Heat: 1. Chapman, 2. Kevin Zywiec (North Olmsted), 3. Jeremy Hummrich (Elyria), 4. Wiggins, 5. Amanda Shaffer (Medina).

Feature (8 cars, 20 laps): 1. McCall, 2. Johnny Newman, 3. Chapman, 4. Hummrich, 5. A. Shaffer.


Dash: 1. Mike Mathes (Elyria), 2. Corey Phillips (Lorain), 3. Lindsey Fade (Northfield), 4. Richard Funnell (Cleveland).

Heat 1: 1. Dale Furrer Jr. (Cleveland), 2. Kevin Broski (Cleveland), 3. Mike McDonald (Strongsville), 4. Tim Osborne (Ravenna), 5. Mike Magda (Solon).

Heat 2: 1. John Buderer, 2. Dave Wallenchek (Elyria), 3. Ryan Egbertson (Columbia Station), 4. Steve Blevins (Parma), 5. John McKee (Wellington).

Heat 3: 1. Chris Morgan (Painesville), 2. Troy Timms, 3. Lou Scurei (Elyria), 4. Phillips, 5. Mike Gripp.

A Feature (12 cars, 15 laps): 1. Charlie Wells (Grafton), 2. Lurch, 3. Fade, 4. Phillips, 5. Morgan.

B Feature: 1. Wallenchek, 2. Mike McDonald (Strongsville), 3. Osborne, 4. Furrer, 5. Dave Cole (Ashland).


Dash: 1. Ryan Beane (Elyria), 2. Brian Arndt (Carlisle Twp.), 3. Jim Tippen (Bedford), 4. Tony Klingbell (Brunswick).

Heat: 1. Beane, 2. Tippen, 3. Arndt, 4. Klingbell, 5. Steve Berlin.

Feature: (5 cars, 12 laps): 1. Beane, 2. Klingbell, 3. Tippen, 4. Berlin, 5. Arndt.