June 25, 2016


Elyria dad finds bullet fired into kids’ playroom

ELYRIA – On Saturday, when his 4-year-old son Jake pointed to the hole in the window of the playroom of their home in the 600 block of Garford Avenue, David Hatcher thought his lawnmower had knocked a rock into it.

A closer look revealed it was a bullet hole. The bullet is believed to have been fired late Friday night or early Saturday morning from Eastern Heights Boulevard, according to a report from Officer Ben Currier. The bullet struck about 61⁄2 feet above the floor of the room where Jake and 2-year-old Elyse Hatcher have piled their toys. The bullet, which left a hole about the size of a quarter, struck a wall before ricocheting and breaking part of another window.

Hatcher said he found the spent round, which Currier wrote likely came from a .32-caliber semiautomatic pistol or a .38-caliber revolver, on the window sill. While Hatcher doesn’t believe his home was being targeted, he still found the shooting “very startling” because his children often come into the room to pick up their toys.

Standing by the bullet hole on Sunday, Hatcher said the shooting made Jake a little afraid it would happen again.

“I was frightened a bullet would come through,” Jake said. “Now we got the policeman trying to find who done it.”

“You’re a character, Jake,” Hatcher said. “Mystery solved.”

“Mystery solved,” Jake said.

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