May 28, 2016


Midview Schools levy passes by comfortable margin

Midview Schools Superintendent John Kuhn and School Board President David Zunis were able to breathe sighs of relief when a 3.39 mill renewal passed by a comfortable margin Tuesday.

The levy, which will not cost residents any additional money, passed in a vote of 2,733 to 2,002 or 57.7 to 42.3 percent, according to unofficial returns.

“I’m really pleased,” said Kuhn. “A lot of people worked hard to get the message out that this wasn’t for additional tax money.”

Levy supporters ran a grass-roots campaign that focused on the importance of the levy to the district’s continued financial health.

First passed in 1993 as an 8.8-mill levy, the millage has dropped, but the levy would bring in the same $1.6 million a year it has for all of those years.

Board President David Zunis said the levy brings no new money “but it gives us a solid foundation to move forward.”

“I think we’re doing a good job of being frugal,” Zunis said.

The levy allows the district to maintain current programs, but would not allow the district to restore high school busing or to eliminate pay-to-play for sports or extracurricular activities, according to Kuhn.

The levy also has nothing to do with the on-going construction of the $16.6 million Midview Middle School, which is rapidly taking shape at West Capel Road and state Route 57.

No local money was needed for the construction of the middle school, which is expected to open next fall for about 530 seventh- and eighth-grade students.

The Ohio Schools Facilities Commission announced in October 2008 it was releasing $17.2 million to the district for construction of a new middle school or high school.

The district decided to build a middle school because a high school would be more expensive and require passage of a bond issue to fund part of the building.

The current middle school was constructed in 1955 and has some structural problems, while Midview High was constructed in 1979.

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