May 24, 2016


Start Change, Start Small… Take One Step at a Time

Creating a healthier you shouldn't feel like you're running a marathon. You can start your journey toward a healthier version of you one small step at a time—go for a walk. “Research shows that regular, brisk walking can reduce the risk of heart attack by the same amount as jogging,” said Kenneth G. Pearce, Lorain County General Health District Health Commissioner. 

How can walking make me healthy?

  • Strengthens leg muscles
  • Maintains or improves your weight
  • Creates a stronger heart
  • Keeps you healthy with a strong immune system
  • Improves your mood- creating a greater feeling of happiness
  • Builds stronger bones; reducing risk of osteoporosis
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, or helps manage it
  • Burns fat
  • Gives you more energy!

Are you ready to take small steps toward a healthier you? Start today with these small step tips…

  1. Be Realistic. If you can squeeze in a 15-minute walk every day at lunch- go for it! If you can walk two 10 minute sessions—maybe once before breakfast and once after dinner—that’s great too!
  2. Find Motivation, and remember: Health is contagious! Walk often. Invite a friend, your dog or a family member. Small steps daily lead to a lifetime of health.
  3. Find a Location. Avoid boredom with variety: Our 21 walking maps will help keep you moving, and keep boredom out of sight and out of mind. Find Lorain County Walking Maps here.
  4. Celebrate Success to keep you motivated! Once you’ve reached a goal celebrate by making a smoothie with fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt, or buy yourself a new pair of walking socks.

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