November 28, 2014

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Murder suspect alleges affair

ELYRIA — Attorneys for former Lorain County corrections Officer William Dembie Jr., who is accused of murdering his wife, Holly, last year, filed court documents Friday alleging that Holly Dembie was “actively involved in an adulterous affair with a married male companion.”

The documents stated that Holly Dembie repeatedly told her best friend “that she was not afraid of defendant and would engage him in physical fights.”

Defense witnesses at Dembie’s trial will include an expert on battered-spouse syndrome, according to the documents filed Friday by defense attorneys J. Anthony Rich and Brian Darling.

William Dembie, 43, called the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office in the early morning Aug. 11 and reported that he had beheaded his 33-year-old wife at their home in Grafton Township. When deputies arrived, they found her nude body in the backyard.

Holly Dembie’s mother, Cheryl Foldes, said she was not surprised with the defense tactics and called it “character assassination.”

“Holly was moving on with her life,” Foldes said. “Who cares who didn’t love who? The bottom line is, that doesn’t give the permission to murder.

William Dembie surrendered to deputies when they arrived at the scene and confessed to stabbing Holly Dembie multiple times with the combat knife that was found near her. Holly Dembie fell from a second-story bathroom window while trying to flee her husband, authorities have said.

Prosecutors have said that William Dembie then went outside and stabbed her twice in the neck and slit her throat twice.

The documents filed by Rich and Darling stated that Foldes “admitted to burning her daughter’s underwear and sheets” in “an attempt to destroy any scientific evidence,” a charge that Foldes denied Friday afternoon.

She said she did burn some paperwork, laundered bloody sheets and removed blood from carpets around the home after William Dembie’s dog mauled a dog warden. Sheriff’s deputies investigated, and Foldes was not charged.

Rich said Friday afternoon that his client “suspected all along” that Holly Dembie was having an affair and that they argued about it the night Holly Dembie died.

Assistant County Prosecutor Tony Cillo declined to comment on the defense filing.

Dembie faces trial Aug. 22 in the courtroom of Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski.

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  • pray for justice

    I spoke with my daughter at 11:47 that night and she was happy and not argumentative at all. She was full of love for her family, sent posts out to those she loved, and within a little more than an hour after the phone call, she was murdered by this man. The explanations that Bill Dembie give of the night of her murder are lies. He is the perpetrator, he is the murderer and it had nothing to do with affairs, which he was having as far back as the marriage began; that was the reason for the divorce. He was habitually seeking and finding affairs….beaver and “friends with benefits”. Marriage meant nothing to him, so why should Holly be held to the archaic level of fidelity that he didn’t give two hoots about? He was abusive, sarcastic, lacked a moral compass, boundaries, and he was an Atheist who made fun of anything and and everything that had to do with God. He was a member of the Church of Satan and lied to Holly on every level. He was a gun buff who cared more about pointing a gun at Holly with a bullet in it and denigrating her body and negatively commenting about her body. Holly should have left the night he went out with his gun to kill his first wife Stephanie Crausaz, but instead she relied on the Sheriff’s Dept. to find him and prevent a murder. Her baby was only 5 days old when he did this. He’s no hero, he’s a trained military person who abused women his whole life. He called his own mother “mommy dearest”. He had sarcastic nicknames for everyone including his own son. He is a sociopath who deserves to be taken out of society and you can quote me on that one. He can’t hide from justice forever, the day will come that he will be found guilty for his crimes.

  • Yet_Another_Veteran

    So….she was out whoring around, was she?

    Too many women get married for financial security, then think they have the right to go out and bang other men. They really do believe this is their right!

    Women like this, when confronted by their husbands, seem to get out of hand and become abusive, striking their them, throwing things, then the next day sit around with their mothers who agree that they are doing nothing wrong, and “he” is the problem.

    Should he be in jail? Yes.
    Should he tried for this? Of course. The trial should move forward and if he has to spend some time behind bars, so be it.

    Two things.
    #1) If you’re married, then don’t screw around with other people. If you don’t want to be married, tell your spouse, move out and sue for divorce. If you insist on playing games, someone will get hurt. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

    #2) If you’re spouse is the one out being a whore, gather evidence, then sue for divorce. Don’t be stupid, if they want to work it out, it will be immediately clear.

    And, if your daughter is sleeping around while married, don’t be an idiot. Refer them to #1 before they end up hurt.

    Next week’s lesson: “We don’t want to touch the stove while it’s glowing red!”

    • Diedre Ashmun

      Do you know what the legal word slander means. You have no proof to these lies. Note: IPD address can be found.