May 26, 2016


V is for victory and Vermilion: Sailors girls snap drought at own meet; North Ridgeville claims boys title

VERMILION — No Vermilion boys or girls track team had won its own invitational since 2008.

With the regular season coming to a close, the Sailors wanted to do something special for their home fans for the last time.

The girls team did just that, piling up 150 points to dominate the nine-team field Friday night and win a rain-delayed Vermilion Invitational.

North Ridgeville was second (93) and Margaretta third (91) but the Sailors breezed, scoring in all but one event and getting some strong individual performances as well.

“It was a great day, and everyone contributed,” Vermilion girls coach Kristy Edmison said. “Our distance team finally stepped up and got big-time points for us. Our sprinters continue to do what they do. It was just a great day all the way across the board.

“If our girl didn’t drop out of the two-mile (3,200 run), we probably would have scored in every single event. I’m ecstatic.”

The North Ridgeville boys continued their excellent season, outlasting Mansfield Madison and Margaretta. The Rangers edged Madison 116-113, while Margaretta had 106.

The Vermilion boys finished fifth with 52½ points, but the excitement of the girls’ performance spread over to the boys side as well.

“The boys, actually, we were really pleased with,” Vermilion boys coach Dave Domonkos said. “They put up some of their best times of the season tonight and doing some PR-ing. We’ve got a really young group of boys, and every meet, they get better and better, so we’re really excited about that.”

Senior Emily Cunningham, who had missed a chunk of the season with a foot injury, competed in a full slate of events for the first time this season and won the 100 (12.52) and 200 dashes (25.87) and ran the anchor leg for the winning 400 (:50.24) and 800 relays (1:45.76).

“It was exciting, but I’m really tired,” said Cunningham, who was named the girls Most Valuable Performer. “Being in that boot for three weeks kind of scared me. I’m a little out of shape, but I think my times are improving a lot.”

Hannah Bartlome also ran key legs on those winning 400 and 800 relays, won the high jump by clearing 5-0 and took second in the long jump by a foot behind Margaretta’s Courtnee Ambos (15-3½).

“We really wanted to win this meet, because the Vermilion Invite has been traditionally difficult for us, but Lorain’s not here this year,” Bartlome said. “We wanted to pounce on this opportunity to get first place, and we wanted to show everyone here in our final home meet that Vermilion’s in it to win it.”

AuBree LaForce ran the anchor leg ion the winning 1,600 relay, which put the exclamation point on the Sailors’ dominance. She also ran in the 800 relay, took second in the 400 and finished third in the 100. Also for the Sailors, Abbey Bodeker won the 300 hurdles and Savannah Lowery took first in the discus.

“We haven’t won this in a long time, so this means a lot,” Edmison said. “I know this meant a lot to our seniors, because this was their final home meet ever. Anytime you can pull together an invitational win at home for your fans is tremendous.

“This was a big day for Vermilion, and it was good to be a part of it.”

On the boys side, Madison applied some heat by winning the 1,600 relay, but it wasn’t enough to overtake the Rangers, who won three events.

The 400 relay team of Christian Watkins, Paul Sonego, Zack Bowden and David Bowden set a meet record with a winning time of 43.39 seconds, besting the previous mark of 43.50, which was set in 2001 and matched in 2005.

“We had good handoffs, perfect handoffs, and we all ran very well.” said Zack Bowden, who also took second in the 200 in 26 seconds flat. “It was just a great performance all around, not just with our relay team, but from our team all around.”

Sonego won the 400 in a time of :50.17, while the 3,200 relay team of Isaiah Santiago, Brad Sundheimer, Tommy Sherfey and Matt Kretschmer easily won with a time of 8:43.95.

“We had a lot of good performances today,” North Ridgeville boys coach Lucky Varouh said. “Our 4-by-800 team started it off by doing a really nice job. Our distance people did a real nice job. Our sprinters did a real nice job.

“We came in second in the 4-by-200, but we were disqualified due to a uniform violation. That really hurt. But after something like that, you can either sulk or keep performing strong. Our guys brushed it off and kept it up, so I’m very proud of them.”

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TEAM STANDINGS: North Ridgeville 116.5, Mansfield Madison 113, Margaretta 106, John Adams 61, Vermilion 52.5, Brookside 46, Clearview 15, Wellington 12, Lutheran East 5.


SHOT PUT — Dallas Jones (Madison) 50-0, Josh Amburgey (Brookside) 49-9, Mike Rankin (Margaretta) 49-7, Mitch Bugala (North Ridgeville) 47-10.

DISCUS — Dallas Jones (Madison) 144-1, Mike Rankin (Margaretta) 138-1, David Kishman (Margaretta) 126-6, Gio Taw (Brookside) 120-5.

HIGH JUMP — Austin Moore (Margaretta) 6-0, Josh Hudson (North Ridgeville) 5-10, Gerrell Williams (Clearview) 5-8, Keyonte Francis (Brookside) 5-8.

LONG JUMP — Austin Moore (Margaretta) 20-10, Christian Watkins (North Ridgeville) 19-7.5, Keyonte Francis (Brookside) 19-2, Delarcy Sylvester-Black (Madison) 18-8.

POLE VAULT — Trent Balduff (Margaretta) 12-9, Tyler Beekman (Margaretta) 12-0, Jacob Plehn (Madison) 11-0, Nick Cacciatore (Vermilion) 10-6.

3,200 RELAY — North Ridgeville (Santiago, Sundheimer, Sherfey, Kretschmer) 8:43.95, Margaretta 8:49.97, Vermilion 8:54.65, Brookside 8:56.94.

110 HURDLES — Frank Douglas (Madison) :15.71, Beau Beechler (Margaretta) :16.79, Jason Lucas (North Ridgeville) :16.90, Aaron Pycraft (North Ridgeville) :16.92.

100 — Reggie Thomas (John Adams) :11.24, Zack Bowden (North Ridgeville) :11.29, Ronnie Turner (John Adams) :11.57, David Bowden (North Ridgeville) :11.60.

800 RELAY — John Adams (Smith, Hundley, Turner, Brewer) 1:32.24, Mansfield Madison 1:36.14, Vermilion 1:36.92, Margaretta 1:37.94.

1,600 — Ed Wigton (Madison) 4:45.53, Craig Orshoski (Margaretta) 4:55.86, Matt Kretschmer (North Ridgeville) 4:56.56, Ben DeBottis (Brookside) 4:58.65.

400 RELAY — North Ridgeville (Watkins, Sonego, Z. Bowden, D. Bowden) :43.39, John Adams :44.0, Margaretta :44.84, Mansfield Madison :45.79.

400 — Paul Sonego (North Ridgeville) :50.17, Julian Hundley (John Adams) :52.31, Jason Anthony (Vermilion) :52.29, Jacob Plehn (Madison) :52.55.

300 HURDLES — Frank Douglas (Madison) :41, Marcus Correa (Clearview) :41.8, Jason Lucas (North Ridgeville) :42.59, Paul Schwensen (Vermilion) :43.58.

800 — Ed Wigton (Madison) 2:06.06, Bryan Taylor (Madison) 2:07.26, Nick Dowdell (Wellington) 2:07.65, Forrest Boyd (Vermilion) 2:09.58.

200 — Reggie Thomas (John Adams) :22.76, Zack Bowden (North Ridgeville) :23, Paul Sonego (North Ridgeville) :23.08, Frank Douglas (Madison) :23.69.

3,200 — Zach Bradley (Brookside) 10:28.53, Evan Collier (North Ridgeville) 10:40.56, Ben Safer (Vermilion) 10:59.81, Kalup Lyons (Margaretta) 11:01.84.

1,600 RELAY — Madison (Sylvester-Black, Taylor, Wigton, Plehn) 3:33.67, John Adams 3:33.70, Vermilion 3:38.86, North Ridgeville 3:41.61.


TEAM STANDINGS: Vermilion 150, North Ridgeville 93, Margaretta 91, Mansfield Madison 63, Brookside 49, (tie) Wellington, Lake Ridge 26, Clearview 15, Lutheran East 12.

Individual Results

SHOT PUT — Savannah Mowry (Vermilion) 33-5.5, Jessica Sarvas (Brookside) 32-6, Rachel Doklovic (Madison) 31-6, Torrie Simmons (Lutheran East) 30-10.

DISCUS — Marissa Engle (Brookside) 105-9, Hannah Ernst (Clearview) 103-11, Rachel Doklovic (Madison) 102-9, Gabby Woods (Brookside) 93-4.

HIGH JUMP — Hannah Bartlome (Vermilion) 5-0, Katie Nesbit (Margaretta) 4-10, Sydney Wright (Clearview) 4-10, (tie) Andrew Dillon (Vermilion), Morgan Kuzak (Wellington) 4-8.

LONG JUMP — Courtnee Ambos (Margaretta) 15-4.5, Hannah Bartlome (Vermilion) 15-3.5, Mallory Morris (Vermilion) 15-1, Brittany Yost (Margaretta) 14-0.5.

POLE VAULT — Angela Dietz (North Ridgeville) 7-6, Tatum Tucker (Margaretta) 7-6, Neena Henderson (North Ridgeville) 7-0, Cheyenne Danchisen (Brookside) 6-6.

3,200 RELAY — Vermilion (Cebull, Terschak, Lachner, Nicoll) 10:48.3, North Ridgeville 10:51.32, Margaretta 10:54.83, Mansfield Madison 11:34.77.

100 HURDLES — Morgan Kuzak (Wellington) :16.83, Abbey Bodeker (Vermilion) :16.88, Kenzi Hoffman (Margaretta) :16.91, Mekaila Grose (Madison) :17.07.

100 — Emily Cunningham (Vermilion) :12.52, Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :13.04, AuBree LaForce (Vermilion) :13.11, Isabella Mercurio (North Ridgeville) :13.11.

800 RELAY — Vermilion (LaForce, Bartlome, Morris, Cunningham) 1:45.76, North Ridgeville 1:50.6, Brookside 1:53.63, Lutheran East 1:56.14.

1,600 — Elizabeth Browning (North Ridgeville) 6:05.84, Sarah Baker (Madison) 6:07.82, Hannah Cebull (Vermilion) 6:14.87, Monique Hoagland (Madison) 6:16.94.

400 RELAY — Vermilion (Bodeker, Bartlome, Morris, Cunningham) :50.24, North Ridgeville :52.32, Margaretta :52.42, Mansfield Madison :53.55.

400 — 1. Kaci Gregory (Lake Ridge) 1:01.75, 2. AuBree LaForce (Vermilion) 1:02.72, 3. Courtney Orshoski (Margaretta) 1:03.71, 4. Danielle Musgrove (Madison) 1:04.31.

300 HURDLES — Abbey Bodeker (Vermilion) :48.36, Morgan Kuzak (Wellington) :49.30, Cindy Nielsen (Margaretta) :50.26, Alicia Senart (North Ridgeville) :51.53.

800 — Jordan Guidish (Lake Ridge) 2:31.24, Danielle Musgrove (Madison) 2:34.11, Rhema Nicoll (Vermilion) 2:38, Natalie Braun (Margaretta) 2:41.

200 — Emily Cunningham (Vermilion) :25.87, Morgan Dwulat (North Ridgeville) :26.91, Isabella Mercurio (North Ridgeville) :27.11, Mallory Morris (Vermilion) :27.23.

3,200 — Taylor Lowery (North Ridgeville) 12:56.28, Amanda Morin (Margaretta) 12:10.82, Sarah Baker (Madison) 13:11.82, Jenna Gasser (Margaretta) 13:41.10.

1,600 RELAY — Vermilion (Bodeker, Nicoll, Bonner, LaForce) 4:21.62, Margaretta 4:22.87, Madison 4:35.50, Lake Ridge 4:39.90.