May 27, 2016


Man charged with robbing gas station

LORAIN — A Lorain man was arrested after police said he robbed a cashier at Pure Gas Inc.

At 9:26 a.m. Friday, an off-duty policeman reported what he said was a robbery in progress. According to a police report, a man ran out of a Pure Gas station on East Erie Avenue with a handful of cash.



The man, John Cheeseborough Jr., 29, of Lorain, was later apprehended and charged with robbery. Police said Cheeseborough fled from officers, dropping money while he ran, but was later stopped at the intersection of Bascule Drive and California Avenue.

A manager at Pure Gas said Cheeseborough purchased a can of Mountain Dew and a bottle of water for $1.79. When she opened the register to give Cheeseborough change, she said the suspect grabbed the cash register drawer and began taking the money.

The store manager told police she was afraid Cheeseborough had a weapon, but she managed to activate a panic alarm inside the store as Cheeseborough fled.

Police said officers recovered $411 that Cheeseborough dropped in the surrounding area. The money was photographed by detectives and returned to the store. A video of the incident also was recorded by a security camera, according to the police report.

Cheeseborough was transferred to Lorain City Jail.

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