May 27, 2016


Critter Chronicles: Thumper


Thumper was living with an older couple who are deaf. They had acquired five dogs in addition to their special trained service dog. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to take care of them properly. Poor Thumper was living in a crate in a garage being let out a few times a day to go potty and run around the fenced in back yard. Their case worker convinced them to turn the dogs over to the dog warden. The only problem with that is the dog warden didn’t have any room and with them being owner surrenders they would be put to sleep. The dog warden contacted us to take the dogs the same day the elderly couple surrendered them so he wouldn’t have to put them to sleep. We agreed and now Thumper is waiting for his second chance in life to become a member of a family. Thumper is a sweet guy who is shy and just needs some TLC.

BREED/DESCRIPTION: Jack Russell terrier
SEX: Male
NEUTERED/SPAYED: Yes, neutered; shots current
AGE: 2 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, less 26 pounds
ORGANIZATION: Multiple Breed Rescue

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