July 1, 2016


THE REST OF THE STORY…from Sept. 28th’s printed story on the OUTDOOR PAGE

Rest of the story DeerI hunted this single buck for three days, seeing him several times but never getting within range before he busted me. On the morning of the third day (knowing I was two hours from home and had to be at work by noon). I dedicated myself to getting one last chance at the elusive 8-point big body bruiser.

I put on my work clothes beneath my blaze orange and camo and sat freezing at the crest of a ravine in the pre-dawn darkness. I heard the buck checking a scrape about a hundred yards away, but I was below the ridgeline and daylight hadn’t made it down upon me yet. As the buck slowly worked his way along an 18-inch shelf below me, I slowly eased the safety off and sat motionless, clinging to my gun with one arm and a tree with the other so I didn’t slide down the ravine.

Gradually the beast walked within ten feet of me, never looking up or suspecting a man could possibly be so close. As I divided the buck’s shoulder blades in my site, a huge orange fireball erupted from the end of my gun as I touched him off and watched the buck roll all the way to the bottom of the ravine. It took me the rest of the morning to drag the 200-pounder up the hill, and this photo was shot about 30 seconds before I threw the buck in the bed of my truck and headed up I-71, directly to work!

About Byron Scarbrough

A native Elyrian, Byron was raised in the Sportsman tradition with a love of the great outdoors and respect for land. An avid angler, he's fished from the Canadian Arctic to Florida's Coastal Islands and everywhere else he could in between. A certified Whitetail Clinic Instructor, he's harvested multiples of nearly every legal game species in Ohio. He is a graduate of OSU School of Journalism and has written several books in the area of military history. He is a clay busting, mountain biking, lap swimming, geo-caching, horse riding, fish catching, line running, canoe paddling, trail hiking, arrow slinging, pine cone eating, wilderness camping fool, who will do almost anything to avoid working in a cubicle. Contact him at ByronOutdoors@gmail.com.