May 25, 2016


Critter Chronicles: Emma and Susie


Emma and Susie recently lost their beloved “mom” to cancer. Both dogs are very friendly and housetrained. The gals get along well, but function just fine independent of one another. Even though Susie is 12 years old, she is very active and loves to run and play. If anyone can offer either or both of these gentle ladies a good home, please contact Oasis.
Emma (1st dog)

BREED: Emma is a Sheltie mix and Susie is a black Labrador mix
SEX: Female
NEUTERED/SPAYED: Yes, spayed; shots up to date
AGE: Emma is 7 years old and Susie is 12 years old
SIZE/WEIGHT: Emma is about 40 pounds and Susie is about 45 pounds
ADOPTION FEE: $100 for both or $100 for each if adopted separately
ORGANIZATION: Oasis Animal Shelter
CONTACT: (440) 775-4101

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