May 24, 2016


Break-in suspects found hiding under boxes and trash in attic

ELYRIA — Police arrested two men overnight after they were found hiding under boxes and piles of trash in a home they’d apparently broken into.



Leon Hudson, 33, and Anthony Warnick, 26, are both charged with breaking and entering and possessing criminal tools.

Officers were called to 120 West River Road N. about 3:15 a.m. after a neighbor reported seeing two men break into a basement window of the home. Through a front first-floor window, they observed a man shining a flashlight around the home, according to a police report.

A sign on the home’s door stated it was bank-owned, the report said.

After police secured the home and determined it was vacant, an officer broke out a window near the front door lock to gain entry, the report said.

After searching the home, officers found Hudson and Warnick under boxes and trash in the attic. Both complied with police orders and were handcuffed, the report said, telling officers they broke into the house because they are homeless.

Both men were wearing gloves, despite it being 60 degrees out, the report said.

Officers found a head lamp, second pair of gloves and pair of wire cutters on Hudson and a wrench and gloves on Warnick.

A woman who was initially reported to be at the scene with the men left before the break-in, according to the report.

Warnick later told an officer he is not homeless but is a roofer trying to scrape together enough money to move to Arkansas with his girlfriend and child.

Both men were taken to the Lorain County Jail.