February 14, 2016


Critter Chronicles: Homer

Homer1-friendship ap

HOMER Adopting Homer will make you very happy. He’s up for just about anything. Homer loves attention and loves to play. He will make a great running or hiking partner and would be the perfect dog for an active family. Even though Homer is very energetic, he does settle down after playing. He loves affection Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Roger

Roger1-friendship apl

ROGER Introducing Roger! He’s a super sweet and friendly. Roger arrived from another rescue hoping to find a home sooner here at Friendship. Not much is known about Roger, but during his short stay he has already won the hearts of everyone here. Big, lovable Roger seems like the perfect dog for an active family Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Princess

Princess1-friendship ap

PRINCESS Princess wants to be your princess. She lived with a family, but they decided they didn’t have enough time to spend with her so surrendered her to Friendship. She was born on Sept. 19, 2005. Princess has always been an indoor dog. She likes kids, cats and other dogs. Princess would love to find Read More…

Critter Chronicles: Victor

Victor-friendship apl

VICTOR Meet Victor. He’s a little bit timid being new here. He had a nice home and doesn’t get why he’s not there anymore. He gets along with other cats and dogs, too. He hasn’t been around kids but since he’s a mature adult and known to be a lap cat he should get along Read More…