July 1, 2016


Wilkes Villa ‘movie man’ arrested

ELYRIA — The Wilkes Villa “movie man” was arrested Friday afternoon and police uncovered nearly 200 illegal pirated DVDs and CDs along with a catalog detailing the alleged bootlegger’s inventory.

Police went to Wilkes Villa after getting a complaint about a man selling movies and music CDs in the public housing complex. When they arrived shortly before 2 a.m. they found Arthur Williams, 33, of Cleveland, inside a van with a large binder full of DVDs and CDs on his lap.

Williams admitted to police he has been selling the movies and CDs for several years at $2 per disk. He told police two different stories about where he gets the discs, according to a police report. At first he said he buys them from a man in Cleveland, and then he changed his story to say he downloaded them from the Internet.

In his possession were approximately 180 DVDs and roughly 80 CDs.

While officers were arresting Williams, several residents in the complex were standing outside yelling, “Don’t arrest the movie man,” and “Where am I gonna get my movies now? I don’t have cable.”

Williams was charged with criminal simulation as well as held on an outstanding warrant out of Cleveland.