June 28, 2016


No. 3: Catherine Hoholski murdered, then dismembered



Catherine “Kat” Hoholski was killed June 28 after visiting her prematurely born daughter in the hospital.

Her dismembered and decomposed body was discovered Aug. 8 inside a storage locker at the Villas of Beau Monde apartment complex in Lorain.

Her boyfriend, Albert Fine, was arrested the next day in Kentucky and has since confessed to strangling Hoholski after ambushing her inside the apartment they shared.

Fine also told police he took steps to make it appear as though Hoholski were still alive, sending text messages from her phone and withdrawing money from her bank account. He also went to the hospital to visit Hoholski’s daughter.

Following his arrest, Fine fought extradition back to Ohio, but he ultimately lost that battle and is now awaiting trial in the Lorain County Jail. He could receive a death sentence if convicted.

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