June 25, 2016


No. 5: Effects of Hurricane Sandy felt locally

A line of poles all came down at East 40th Street and Pearl Avenue in Lorain. High voltage lines draped across cars and the fronts of duplexes on the street.

New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean coastline is hundreds of miles from Lorain County, but storms of the magnitude of Sandy spared no one as the powerful hurricane merged with another storm system.

Locally, the superstorm first made itself felt in the form of unceasing rain that greeted GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney at Avon Lake High School Oct. 29 where hundreds stood in the downpour to get inside the school to hear the Republican standard-bearer about a week before he lost to President Barack Obama.

The storm only grew worse overnight and days later the county was still reeling from Sandy’s deluges and powerful winds in the form of widespread flooding and damage to homes, closed roads, left thousands without power, and canceled classes at schools, including Lorain County Community College.

Sandy but left a lingering punch in the form of clean-up, and particularly in the way of power outages some of which left pockets of residents in the dark for about a week. Avon Lake got the worst of it, with more than 6,000 residents initially without power. That number was cut nearly in half after a few days, but 80-odd residents went without electricity for a week.

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