May 31, 2016


Ohio unemployment up, Labor Department reports

More Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, though the figures were likely distorted by the winter holidays. Many state unemployment offices were closed this week for the New Year’s holiday, delaying their reporting of data on unemployment claims. That forced the Labor Department to estimate 9 states, more than the usual number.

Here are the states with the largest increases and decreases in unemployment applications. The state data are for the week ended Dec. 22, one week behind the national data:

States with the biggest increases:

  • Ohio: Up 8,795, due to layoffs in the automobiles and manufacturing industries
  • Michigan: Up 6,641, due to layoffs in manufacturing
  • Pennsylvania: Up 5,530, due to layoffs in the entertainment, hotels and restaurant industries
  • Kentucky: Up 4,745, no reason given
  • Massachusetts: Up 4,330, due to layoffs in education, construction, transportation, restaurants, retail and manufacturing
  • New Jersey: Up 3,710, due to layoffs in education, construction and manufacturing

States with the biggest decreases:

  • California: Down 11,789, due to fewer layoffs in all industries