October 30, 2014

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Police: Woman taken to hospital after jumping off rail overpass

LORAIN — A homeless woman was taken to the hospital after she reportedly jumped off the Nardini Gateway rail overpass overnight.

A condition was not immediately available today for Cynthia Redilla, 48.

Officers responded to the overpass at about 12:40 a.m. after receiving a report that a woman was standing on the bridge, according to a police report.

They arrived to see her sitting on the edge of the north side of the overpass with her legs dangling over.

“As I exited my police cruiser, the female abruptly jumped off the bridge without warning,” officer Jeremy Gray wrote in his report. He added that she “fell violently onto Broadway.”

Redilla was responsive and officers were able to learn her identity, and she even attempted to get up several times. According to the report, her dentures were broken in several pieces, and she was bleeding heavily from her face.

According to the report, LifeCare transported her to the hospital, although the report didn’t specify which hospital.

  • DJ Dell

    This is a woman who called 911 multiple times last year for various reasons claiming health issues, being scared of possible trespassers outside her home or what she thought was suspicious activity, and was accused of calling 911 for non-emergency reasons. Clearly she was not well, was terrified, maybe having panic attacks, probably alone, and now she’s homeless and jumped off a bridge. Maybe someone should have thought to get her professional help considering her behavior instead of charging her with a crime and this could have been prevented.