June 27, 2016


Judge frees Alyson Sweany from lockup for role in young son’s death

ELYRIA — Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Miraldi has freed Alyson Sweany less than two years after ordering her to prison for four years for her role in the death of her son, Jesse Crum Jr.

Miraldi granted Sweany’s request for judicial release over the objections of prosecutors and the family of Jesse Crum Sr., the 3-year-old boy’s father.

The judge said Sweany has made strides toward bettering herself while incarcerated, but he also placed restrictions on her while she is free, including mental health counseling, and warned her that if she messes up she would be returned to prison.

Sweany pleaded guilty to endangering children charges that stemmed from her failure to stop the abuse authorities have said the Jesse was subjected to at the hands of Peter Jones, Sweany’s then-boyfriend, in March 2010. Jesse died from blunt head trauma, brain hemorrhages and pneumonia.

Jones killed himself while the investigation was ongoing, but had previously been charged with injuring the boy in January 2009 when Jesse was scalded in hot bath water.

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