May 27, 2016

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Larkmoor second-grader to be punished for taking two toy guns to his school

LORAIN — A second-grade student from Larkmoor Elementary School will be penalized for bringing two toy guns to school Friday.
According to Lorain police Lt. Roger Watkins, the student brought the two fake guns to school in his backpack.
“One was orange, and clearly was a toy, but other was more realistic,” Watkins said.
Watkins said the student took the toy guns out of his backpack and displayed them in front of his classmates.
School officials were made aware of the situation and confiscated the guns.
“The boy was confronted and he started to cry,” Watkins said.
School resource officer Jason Orellano is looking into the matter, Watkins said.
Watkins couldn’t specify what type of punishment, the boy could receive for brining the two fake guns to school.
According to the Lorain Schools handbook, if a student is in possession of a weapon and/or weapon look-alike, which is considered a Level IV offense, he/she may be expelled up to a period of one year and/or permanent exclusion from the district.
“The superintendent may reduce the expulsion on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the policy on student discipline,” the handbook stated.
The handbook also stated that parents will be notified of any Level IV offense committed by their child by the administration of the school.
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