June 26, 2016


Amherst middle school student suspended for ‘death note’

AMHERST — A Nord Middle School student has been suspended and may face expulsion for allegedly writing a “death note” that included the names of a teacher and some other students.

The boy reportedly became angry with his teacher about a month ago, and in an attempt to “vent his anger” wrote in the composition “Death Note,” according to police. Police said that underneath “Death Note,” the boy wrote the name of the teacher who had angered him and the name of three other students in the class.

According to a police report, the boy wrote two other names on the list and then scratched them out. He told police he had been told to write those names by other students.

The investigation began after police were contacted by the school principal March 7. After speaking with the boy and his father and searching the boy’s home, police did not find any evidence that the boy planned to carry out any threats.

He was suspended for 10 days, and an expulsion hearing was recommended. Police also spoke with the students whose names were written on the list.