June 27, 2016


Police credited with saving child’s life

GRAFTON — Rose Schroder, a village grandmother, credits the quick actions of a police officer for saving her 15-month-old grandson.

“If he wasn’t there, I’m not sure he’d be alive today,” she said.

On Monday night, Schroder’s son, Edward Safko Jr., ran over to the Grafton Police Department with his son, Edward John Safko III, who had had a seizure and was having difficulty breathing. The family lives on Chestnut Street, across from the police station.

Grafton Police Chief Dan Clark said Safko panicked while Schroder was dialing 911 from the house Monday. When Safko arrived at the station, dispatcher Lisa Louge immediately called Sgt. Ken Jake, who was one block away from the station.

Jake said he, Louge and rescue crews completed a sternum rub on the child, which is a form of stimulation for infants who are having trouble breathing. He said the child, who Schroder said had turned blue, was breathing, but it was very labored.

Jake said it was a team effort to help the child, who was later taken to a hospital.

“Everybody did their job and all their pieces of the puzzle fit together,” he said.

Schroder reported that the child was doing well at St. John Medical Center in Westlake on Wednesday afternoon. She said she couldn’t say enough good things about Jake, or the officer who stopped over the next day to check on the family.
“We have the best Police and Fire Department in the world,” she said.

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