November 22, 2014


Police log for May 15, 2013

Elyria police

Monday, May 13

5 a.m. —100 block Kenny Brook Lane, theft of a wallet containing only a Social Security card and reward cards from an unlocked vehicle.

2 p.m. — Lake Avenue, Nolan Meinke, 31, 100 block Denison Ave., arrested and charge with possession of drug paraphernalia and cited for left of center and seat belt. Darryl Brown, 31, 1000 block Middle Ave., arrested on a warrant through the Rocky River Police Department. Police stopped Meinke during a traffic stop and said a digital scale with suspected cocaine residue was found in his pant’s pocket.

3:27 p.m. — 100 block Green Briar, theft of two DVD players, several DVDs and a bottle of perfume from an unlocked vehicle.

5:30 p.m. — 600 block East River Road, Aaron Doman, 24, of Grafton, arrested on a warrant through the Sheffield Police Department for failure to comply and charged with possessing drug abuse instruments. Police were sent to an apartment on Washington Avenue after Doman allegedly overdosed on heroin. He was taken to EMH Elyria Medical Center and later arrested.

6:45 p.m. — 1100 block Oakwood Drive, a woman told police she received a call from Florida from a man with a Middle Eastern accent. She said the man told her she applied for a loan, and he knew her personal information. She said the man told her, “I have four guys in Ohio who will pick you up and rape you and hurt your children.” The woman called police, and an officer spoke with the caller, who would not give the officer his information. The woman’s phone received a call from a number listed as “911,” and the same man was on the line. The woman was advised to change her phone number.


    May 14th. 2013- a teen ager sitting in the 13th street alley was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in the car with his friend. the driver of the car was able to put the car in reverse to get away, at that time the gunman being knocked back by the door, raised his gun and fired into the car. Missing the head of the passenger by 6 inches before riccocheting off the car. the suspect never found. the driver did call 911 while being robbed and layed the cell down in hopes to have the police dispatched to that location. it did not work. why is this absolutley retarded crime not in the paper, this is what ELYRIA IS ALL ABOUT… gunmen, stupidity, and really shooting at the kids??? I am glad I no longer live in ELYRIA! ELyria has gone downhill, and with the lack of police and funding, it will continue! One must have hope to change thier attitude. Even if that means the police. if there is no hope or no light to look forward to , then there will be a general lack of care due to the ” it all we can do atttitude” Elyria has ACCEPTED this for way to long. OH wait, I know why it is not in the log, because they say it might be a drug investigation, but my son was robbed at shot at… People need to know that there is a jacked up person thinkning they can just point a gun at someones head and fire it because he cant get any money!